About Great Harvest

Ever wonder what the secret is to making phenomelal bread?  It's in the wheat kernels.  We know where every kernels comes from.  That's because we have been purchasing out premium whole wheat from family-owned farms for more than 30 years. The farmers who produce our whole wheat know Great Harvest is a tough client.  Every year we test the crop for its protein content, moisture level, baking qualities, and of course, it dinstictive taste.  The high quality wheat we purchase allows us to bake without using artificial dough conditioners to boost loaf size.  Our growers know that the slightest variation in the wheat crop can completely change the flavor, size, and shape of a loaf.  Consistency is the key.  That's why we perform at least one hundred test bakes each year.

A Fresh Start

I grew up in Anchorage Alaska and love the great outdoors and animals especally my dogs.

This Great Harvest Bread Co. in Huntsville is a dream come true — our dream! Our passion for great tasting, nutritious bread, and our desire to run a community-based business, led us to Great Harvest. They have been making great bread for communities across the U.S. for over 30 years.

Our Great Harvest looks like no other Great Harvest out there. We operate under a “Freedom Franchise.” The “Freedom” part means that we get to run our business in a way that meets our community’s unique needs. The “Franchise” part gives us access to the recipes and processes that Great Harvest has continuously improved for over three decades. The result is breads and sweets that will knock your socks off!

Several years ago we made the decision to pursue our dream. So, we said good-bye to Corporate America, kicked the suit and tie and are now up to our elbows in dough. We’re excited to bring this tradition to you, our neighbors and friends. 

Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you came!

Great Harvest Bread of Huntsville